Vision, Values and Purpose

Our Values


It is vital that our advice is trusted by the people we work with. We must always be up to date on new legislation, best practice and industry trends. Our work must meet the highest standards and bear the closest examination while remaining clear and understandable for all who may see it.


Building good relationships with all of the people we work with is essential. Only then can we expect our clients to be truthful with us over their challenges. By knowing what the problems really are, we are better placed to help solve them.


Good safety practice is about providing solutions, not just finding problems. We will combine our experience with our technical knowledge and a practical mind set to provide the best help possible.

Our Vision

  • To be the best employer in our field, offering varied, rewarding careers that attract the best talent.
  • We aim to encourage creativity and self management among all of our staff in order for work to be as rewarding as possible.
  • We aim to offer the best professional development to our technical staff in order to promote excellence in their chosen careers.
  • We aim to support our staff to maintain a healthy work/life balance.

Our Purpose

  • To help companies prevent workplace accidents and ill health for the benefit of their workforce and their business.
  • To give the support companies need to be organised, up to date and competent in managing their health and safety.
  • To provide the knowledge the whole workforce needs to fulfill their roles and return home safely at the end of a working day.
Investors in People status staff employer customers HCS Safety

HCS Safety achieved Investors in People status on 16th February 2016. We maintain this standard for the benefit of our staff and customers.