Proud to provide training for thousands of companies

Who do we work for?

Our clients are an energising mix of sizes and sectors. We work for the smallest of start-ups employing just a handful of people, to some of the UK’s largest companies and even a number of global operators. Sectors include manufacturing, construction, waste management, retail, facilities management, local authorities and charities.

Although we operate in many sectors, the majority of our work takes place in the construction industry. We have numerous trades on our books, from groundworks firms to carpentry and plumbing contractors. Further up the pyramid, we work together with several principal contractors and a number of large national developers. By having this contact at almost every level of a project, we can help tackle opportunities and challenges that emerge with a holistic approach. Our experience of seeing numerous projects through from planning, breaking ground to fitting out and completion puts us in a unique position to help our clients succeed in their goals in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Proud to support these companies with our membership service

What We Do

HCS Safety provides a full spectrum of classroom-based, face-to-face safety training. The focus is on interaction and engagement whether you are attending a half day session on Working at Height or Occupational Stress, or a full degree-level NEBOSH Diploma.
Last year we trained around 6000 people from hundreds of companies, both large and small.

We hold a number of accreditations including NEBOSH, IOSH, CITB Site Safety Plus, PASMA (scaffold towers), UKATA (asbestos) and NUCO (regulated first aid training). We can also write bespoke training for your company and deliver it on your premises, anywhere in the UK.

HCS Safety’s Membership Service is a cost effective way for businesses to access a highly resourced safety department. Built into the Membership are essential features such as annual reviews, safety policies, telephone support and guidance.

The retainer scheme has been running for over 10 years, during which time we have built solid relationships with well over 400 clients.

Our membership clients also benefit from reduced rates for training and other services.

Our team of advisors and consultants have a vast array of experience in many fields. This expertise allows us to facilitate almost any request that we come across. From preparing construction phase plans to attending project management meetings as your health and safety experts, our passion for making your workplace safer is our pride.

This bespoke work is not limited to subscribers of our Membership Service and includes:

Full workplace inspections / fire risk assessments / full company audits / ISO 45001 assistance / occupational stress assessments / accident investigations / CDM assistance for construction projects / risk and COSHH assessments / trend analysis / DSE assistance

The Impact of Workplace Temperature on Productivity and Health

As summer approaches and the mercury rises, we must be aware of the impacts of temperature on workplaces.   As HSE clarifies, there is no specific legal maximum working temperature, though there is a legal minimum:   16°C for normal work activities  13°C for physically demanding work  Employers still have a legal duty to ensure a safe and healthy working environment in excessive heat.   Failure to take that duty of care seriously about temperature can result in compliance issues, particularly if an…
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Risk assessment

Reflecting on the Grenfell Tower Tragedy: Seven Years On – Legislative Changes and Ongoing Challenges

June 14th, 2024, marks the seventh anniversary of the Grenfell Tower fire, which claimed 72 lives and left an indelible mark on the country.   As we reflect on Grenfell once more, it’s crucial to examine the legislative changes implemented in the aftermath of the tragedy and the ongoing challenges in ensuring fire safety in high-rise buildings.  The Hackitt Review and Resulting Legislation  The Grenfell Tower fire exposed severe inadequacies in fire safety regulations and building materials.   In response, the government…
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What do health and safety consultants do?

Face to face learning – the verdict is in!

We asked a question of our NEBOSH students about Face to Face learning – here’s what they had to say… Our question: “At HCS Safety, we believe strongly in face to face learning. What are your thoughts now you have completed your course? Did you find it useful to interact with other students and share your experiences? Do you think you would have found the course more/less enjoyable if you had studied online or remotely?” Their answers: • I agree,…
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Our Membership Service

Our membership service includes all of the benefits below, from as little as £1,350 per year

To see more of the benefits of the Membership Service, download our booklet or click on the tabs below for more details.

Your Safety Management System combines everything you need to manage your company’s health and safety responsibilities. The simple but auditable system is based on HSE’s guidance, with advice and resources you can download for free.

Our simple but comprehensive system includes:
• Access to competent advice
• Health & Safety Policy
• Competence and consultation
• Working safely guidelines
• Monitoring and recording tools
• Auditing and reviewing techniques

All of our blank forms are coded to align with your Safety Management System.

By law, you must have a written Health & Safety Policy and share this with your workforce.

We will work with you to create this document, using language that everyone in your workforce understands. It will be concise, relevant and tailored to your business.

Your Health & Safety Policy is an important part of your Safety Management System. It states the management’s commitment to safety within the company and explains who is responsible for each action.

We will review the policy annually, updating any organisational changes and/or legal and best practice advice where necessary.

Meet SafetyNet, your online health and safety portal.

Designed with our members in mind, SafetyNet is an online portal that lets you record, track and review your health and safety activities.
The easy-to-use system can be accessed anywhere, at any time; providing a simple way to manage your health and safety compliance.

From your company’s own SafetyNet dashboard, you can:
• Access your company’s Safety Policy
• See and comment on your Annual Safety Review
• Keep records of your latest Safety Inspections
• Download supporting Health & Safety documentation
• Create new users and choose their level of access

Logging in to SafetyNet also gives you access to:

Your Training records:
Any courses you take with HCS Safety are logged in your Training Record. You can access future and past bookings, and see who in your company has attended training.

Your Progress:
Your Annual Safety Review will generate a to-do list of actions, some of which may be essential to achieve legal compliance. These actions can be signed off as completed by your chosen users so you can track your progress in real time.

Your Safety Inspections:
If we conduct safety inspections for you, they will be stored here. All reports are uploaded as soon as the inspection is complete so you can log in straightaway and see how your worksite scored.

Your management team can then log in and close out the actions they need to take. All this without creating any extra documents or email traffic.

The Library
Having the right documentation is a key part of complying with health and safety requirements. Through our resource library, we remove the burden of writing
documents from scratch, saving you time and money.

The Library is available through SafetyNet and contains a bank of useful resources you can download for free, such as:
• Covid-19 documents and guidance
• Forms to populate your safety management system
• Risk Assessments to download and personalise
• COSHH Assessments to download and personalise
• Guidance documents from the HSE
• PowerPoint presentations of Membership Client Seminars
• Posters and infographics to display in your workplace

Health and safety is always changing and being up-to-date with the latest legal requirements, innovation and best practice is essential. We’re here to make this a reality.

Your Monthly Newsletter

We gather information from a wide range of official and trusted industry sources, sharing what we see and hear with our members. This includes:

• Any industry studies or white papers that will make future news
• Statistics on accident and incident data findings
• The outcomes of recent court cases, including sentencing
• Information on the HSE’s strategies
• Any planned “swoops” on specific industries (and what they will be looking for)

The newsletter is also an opportunity for us to share good news with our clients as well as forthcoming events here at HCS Safety, including seminars and workshops.

Seminars and Workshops

We hold around 12 seminars a year and HCS Safety members are free to attend as many as they like. Seminars usually last for an hour or two, enabling
attendance while causing minimal disruption to business.
Each seminar focuses on an area of importance to our clients and attendance can be certificated for CPD purposes.

Subjects include:
• Dealing with Covid-19
• Driving at Work
• How to Write a Risk Assessment
• Worker Engagement
• Need to know; Negligence, the Legal Lowdown
• Need to know; Noise and Vibration

In addition, we often welcome guest speakers whose expertise lies in areas of business policy and law, such as tax, occupational health, HR and employment law.

The Annual Safety Forum

The Annual Safety Forum is a fantastic networking opportunity; a chance to meet
and trade experiences with fellow HCS Safety members at a well-attended gala event.
Together with a breakfast reception, the forum provides a platform to explore industry developments. We update our members on strategies, our safety insights from the year and plans for the future.

It’s also the perfect showcase for our annual Safety Awards, honouring those members who have achieved the highest standards of health and safety.

Your Safety Advisor will spend time with you to review your Management System annually. Following your review , your advisor will list any actions needed to achieve your goals, in order of priority. He or she will suggest timescales for these actions and call you regularly to check your progress.

Your annual review will be available in SafetyNet so you can log in, see your to-do list and assign your staff to close out actions.

If you or an employee has a safety query, just call us at the office for instant access to expert advice. Our Duty Advisor is always available to respond to your needs.

If we can answer your query straight away, then of course we will, otherwise we will endeavour to research until we find an answer for you.

When you call us for advice we record it on SafetyNet. This can prove helpful if you need to share that advice with anyone, or simply remind yourself of what was said.

A serious accident can be a traumatic time for any company. You may have to engage with the emergency services, the Health & Safety Executive and insurance companies, as well as liaise with the injured party and their relatives.

It’s vital to establish why the accident occurred and what can prevent similar events in the future. An investigation will help to identify these factors and give clear guidance on next steps.

No matter how difficult the situation, we are here. If one of your employees is injured in an incident reportable to the HSE under RIDDOR (The Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations) we will conduct an investigation, providing a thorough report that specifies causation and recommendations.

In addition to this aspect of the Membership Service, we offer preferential rates for investigating non-RIDDOR incidents or near misses, as well as for attending meetings with the HSE or other stakeholders.

Membership service clients receive significant discounts on all of our other services.


HCS Safety offers one of the most comprehensive health and safety programmes in the South. Endorsed by leading safety regulators, including NEBOSH, IOSH, CITB, NUCO, UKATA, and PASMA, our engaging approach encourages best practice behaviour.

Membership Service clients benefit from a 15% discount on ALL training booked direct with us. Your discount will be automatically applied when you book using SafetyNet.

Workplace Inspections:

We conduct on-site inspections at a variety of commercial premises, from offices, building sites, workshops and warehouses to factories and schools.

Visits usually take half a day, but we also offer whole day or snapshot options.  Each inspection assesses workplace hazards and provides the user with a clear report featuring recommendations.

Membership Service clients benefit from discounted rates for all workplace inspections.

Consultancy services:

As part of our scope of Health and Safety services, HCS Safety’s team is available for flexible, by the hour or by the day, consultancy.

You can call on our experts for anything HSE-related, from company audits or fire risk assessments to developing safe systems of working and assistance with tendering.

We offer discounted rates on all consultancy services for Membership Service clients.