Face Fit Testing

Recent research indicates that up to 50% of all Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) does not give the protection it should because it simply does not fit! This can expose your employees to serious risks to their health.

Face Fit testing ensures that an adequate protective seal can be formed when wearing RPE. The test will provide reassurance to your employees and help your company to comply with the law.

We use the 3M Qualitative Face Fit Test Kit. Our Face-Fit tests can be carried out on Half-Mask Respirators and Disposable Face Masks. The test is not suitable for Full Face Masks.

Key Information

Cost per person: £75 +VAT

Time: The test can take around 1 hour for each person.

Equipment: Please bring your own masks to be tested with. A selection is advisable.

  • You cannot eat, drink, smoke or vape 30 minutes before the test is due to begin as this can affect the quality of the test.
  • The person being tested must be clean-shaven.  A beard or stubble means that a suitable seal cannot be made and renders the mask ineffective.
  • You must bring with you the masks you wish to use- a selection is advised in case of a poor fit.  HCS Safety do not provide masks.
  • If you require advice on what mask would be suitable please contact us.

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