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In an increasingly competitive world, proving that you manage your safety effectively is essential for business success. We are very well placed within the industry, with contacts from smaller contractors to larger developers, we know what to expect and what you need to do to thrive.

Our Membership Service will help your company to be organised, up to date, competent and supported by the best safety department around. With instant, daily support available over the phone and direct access to a fully qualified expert via email, this is the best way to improve your businesses health and safety management.

Helping you by being practical

Good safety management is about identifying opportunities and providing straightforward solutions and we are here to help you to do just that.
We specialise in solving problems in practical, cost-effective ways. We use plain English in our documentation and training. From the experience of our teams’ diverse backgrounds working in many industries, we know that impenetrable jargon and specialist terminology can sometimes slow down any process. We ensure all our communication is clear and concise, and that any technical wording is justified and understood.

We understand that some meetings are better suited to take place via online means and are fully able to share documents or present findings in that manner. Should you prefer a face-to-face meeting, we are of course only too happy to facilitate that.

Helping you by being flexible

We cover the South of the UK from our office in Southampton. We are happy to travel further afield if you need us to, and we have provided services all over the country.

Our current tranche of works have us visiting locations in Kent, Essex and the Midlands.

We know things can change quickly when it comes to safety – in particular with accidents or emergencies. We have over a dozen safety advisors and consultants based from Bournemouth to Bognor and members of staff dedicated to running our schedules in an efficient manner. This allows us to react quickly to any developments that may require our immediate support.
If you need something and do not see it listed on this website, please call us anyway as we will almost certainly be able to help you, or if not, we will find someone who can.

You can rely on us to…

  • Respond to your needs quickly and efficiently.
  • Stay up to date with best practice, policy changes and new innovation so that you receive the best advice and information available.
  • Offer some of the most varied and sought after careers in health and safety, enabling us to attract the very best people to work for you.
  • Uphold our core values of professionalism, honesty and practicality.
  • Explain your needs clearly to leave you with a feeling of security and understanding.
Investors in People status staff employer customers HCS Safety

HCS Safety achieved Investors in People status on 16th February 2016. We maintain this standard for the benefit of our staff and customers.

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