When do I need to renew my health and safety training course?

Health and safety training courses are crucial to maintaining a safe and compliant workplace.

From basic awareness to more advanced learning, these courses equip staff with essential knowledge and practical skills to mitigate workplace risks.

However, it’s equally important to understand when these qualifications need renewal to ensure the knowledge is up-to-date and in line with the latest regulations.

Health and safety training courses overview

Health and safety training courses span a wide spectrum, catering to various industry sectors and job roles. Some examples include:

  • Health and Safety Awareness: This introductory course provides a foundational understanding of potential hazards in the workplace. It’s generally a one-day course and essential for anyone seeking a CSCS Labourer Card. CITB H&S Awareness is a popular choice for this course.
  • Site Supervisors Safety Training Scheme (SSSTS): This course equips supervisors with the knowledge to implement site health and safety policies and procedures.
  • Site Management Safety Training Scheme (SMSTS): A more advanced, five-day course designed for site managers, this provides comprehensive knowledge of legal responsibilities, health, welfare, and environmental issues.

This isn’t an exhaustive list – there are many more. So, when do you have to renew these qualifications?

When to renew your health and safety training course

As a general guideline, many health and safety courses require or recommend a refresher every few years. This timescale ensures that your knowledge remains current and you’re aware of any safety standards and legislation changes.

For instance, the SSSTS and SMSTS courses recommend refresher training every five years. In contrast, a First Aid at Work qualification requires renewal every three years.

Simplifying health and safety training with HCS Safety

Keeping track of training renewal dates and ensuring compliance can be daunting, especially for businesses with numerous employees across different roles.

That’s where a dedicated health and safety consultant can make a difference.

At HCS Safety, we offer a membership service that takes the complexity out of managing workplace health and safety.

We inform you when your health and safety training courses need to be renewed and provide the necessary training to keep your workplace safe and compliant. Our comprehensive workplace safety services are designed to meet your unique needs, giving you peace of mind and letting you focus on your core business operations.

Are you ready to simplify your health and safety management? Contact us today to discuss our health and safety consultancy services.