HCS Annual Safety Forum: A Resounding Success

This April, HCS Safety successfully hosted its Annual Safety Forum, commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Health and Safety at Work Act.

The event, which was free to attend for Membership Service clients, brought together HCS members for presentations from both us at HCS Safety and guest speakers, as well as networking opportunities and discussions of the future of health and safety.

Here are some key moments from the event:

  • Membership Service Update and 3M Guest Speaker: The forum began with a warm welcome and an update on the HCS Membership Service. Attendees were shown an insightful presentation from a guest speaker from 3M, showcasing their cutting-edge safety solutions and innovative products designed to protect workers’ health.
  • Reflecting on 50 Years of the Health and Safety at Work Act: An HCS expert took the stage to share compelling statistics, reflect on the impact of the Health and Safety at Work Act over the past 50 years, and emphasise the importance of thorough accident investigations. This was followed by a thought-provoking presentation from a guest speaker from Warner Goodman Solicitors, who highlighted the legal aspects of health and safety in the workplace.
  • Networking Break and Expo: During the networking break, attendees could connect with fellow members, enjoy a hearty breakfast, and explore the expo, building valuable relationships and exchanging ideas.
  • Mental Health in the Workplace with Mates in Mind: The second half of the event featured an important presentation by a guest speaker from Mates in Mind, underlining the importance of mental health support in the workplace. This talk provided attendees with valuable strategies for promoting mental well-being among employees.
  • Annual Reviews, Inspections, and HSE Insights: HCS specialists provided a comprehensive roundup of Annual Reviews and Inspections. They shared valuable insights into HSE targets, enforcement and key prosecution cases, keeping members informed about the latest developments in the world of health and safety.
  • New Courses, App Updates, and Member Input: The presentations introduced new courses and exciting updates to the HCS Safety app, which is designed further to support members in their health and safety initiatives.
  • Data Mining, Annual Safety Reviews, and Safety Inspections: We also covered the importance of data mining, annual safety reviews, and safety inspections. HCS experts shared insights on how these practices can help organisations identify areas for improvement and maintain a strong safety culture.


Annual Safety Awards

One of the event’s highlights was the Annual Safety Awards ceremony, recognising companies that achieved a perfect score in their Annual Safety Review.

The awards celebrated the dedication and commitment of these organisations to maintaining the highest standards of health and safety in their workplaces.

We’re very happy to say that attendees provided overwhelmingly positive feedback, praising the informative presentations, networking opportunities and the overall organisation of the forum.