HCS Safety Leaves Twitter

Since Elon Musk took over Twitter recently we have been watching his behaviour with interest. What we have seen has been shocking.

Our opinion, based on reports in the press, is that Mr Musk’s treatment of his employees is morally reprehensible and abhorrent.

Our purpose at HCS Safety is to support employers to provide and maintain safe and healthy working environments, in order to create positive workplaces. This happens through good leadership, consultation and respect, none of which are apparent in what we have read about recently at Twitter.

We pride ourselves on having a strong moral code here, and so it would be hypocritical to remain on the Twitter platform. How can we provide advice to our clients about leadership and culture and workplace stress, while being associated with an organisation that appears to care not one bit about these things and whose values are completely at odds with our own.

We hope that other businesses will consider their own presence on the platform, and take time to think about how remaining on Twitter may damage their brand.

Goodbye Mr Musk – we are sure you will not miss us, but this is not about your feelings, or lack of, it is about us being able to hold our heads high in this difficult world.