Where is NEBOSH recognised?

The National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health (NEBOSH) is a UK-based global leader in health and safety qualifications.

NEBOSH courses, including the NEBOSH General Certificate and National Diploma, among others, are internationally recognised for their quality.

This is excellent news for those wishing to pursue a career in health and safety both in the UK and abroad.

NEBOSH is internationally recognised

NEBOSH courses are valued around the world but are specifically recognised by numerous national health and safety bodies.

In many cases, both the NEBOSH General Certificate and National Diploma qualify for further training, e.g. towards chartership or senior professional status.

However, if you intend to continue your training or work abroad, it’s necessary to check to see if your qualifications are recognised and at what level.

United Kingdom, Ireland, and Europe

Perhaps needless to say, NEBOSH is extensively recognised across all sectors in the UK and Ireland, both public and private.

The comprehensive understanding of health and safety practices that NEBOSH provides is in high demand as businesses strive to create safe and productive working environments.

Across Europe, in Germany, France, and Spain, NEBOSH’s qualifications are well-recognised and held in high esteem.

North America

NEBOSH qualifications are recognised in both the United States and Canada. Industries spanning oil, gas, construction and healthcare value the NEBOSH course and its theoretical and practical advice and guidance.

In recent years, NEBOSH has transformed into one of North America’s most popular awarding bodies for health and safety and related courses.

Middle East and Africa

In regions like the Middle East and Africa, NEBOSH qualifications have become synonymous with professional excellence in occupational safety.

Many companies in these regions mandate NEBOSH qualifications and similar for safety-related roles. In South Africa, NEBOSH qualifications are recognised by the South African Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (SAIOSH).


Countries like Australia, New Zealand and many others across Australasia and Asia recognise the value of NEBOSH.

In New Zealand, NEBOSH qualifications are recognised by the New Zealand Institute of Safety Management (NZISM) and the Australian OHS Education Accreditation Board in Australia.

Advancing Your Career with NEBOSH and HCS Safety

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