Can NEBOSH courses be done online?

NEBOSH courses can be done online and in-person, but there are significant advantages to completing the course in the classroom.

The demand for NEBOSH courses is rising, with professionals from various industries seeking to enhance their skills and knowledge in health and safety. Many people are now inquiring if they can take a NEBOSH course online. Although some providers offer online courses, in-person learning is the most effective way to gain a NEBOSH qualification.

In-person learning for NEBOSH courses offers the depth and detail essential for applying learned concepts to real-life situations.

Organisations looking to achieve a high standard of health and safety and those embarking on a career should opt for in-person learning.

In this blog, we will discuss the advantages of taking NEBOSH courses in-person rather than online.

Online NEBOSH courses: worthy of consideration?

Health and safety is highly practical in nature. NEBOSH courses cover hazards, workplace environment, compliance and regulations. These are all highly practical and hands-on topics which aren’t suited to online learning.

Plus, online courses leave students open to all forms of distractions, and slotting 100+ hours of e-learning into your schedule is not easy. Then, you have to pass the exam at the end to receive your qualification, and there’s little margin for error.

For organisations looking to train employees to a high standard of health and safety, online courses won’t deliver the same level of understanding as in-person courses.

For individuals looking to build a career in health and safety, in-person courses provide the platform required for growth. In addition, many employers look for practical experience, which an online NEBOSH course won’t deliver.

The benefits of in-person NEBOSH courses

So, what are the benefits of going down the well-trodden classroom learning route for NEBOSH courses?

  1. Interactive learning experience: In-person classes offer direct interaction with experienced tutors and fellow students. This enhances the learning experience and encourages networking.
  2. Practical assignments: Some NEBOSH courses have practical components that require hands-on experience to master. These assignments can be challenging to complete online, whereas in-person classes provide the necessary guidance and support.
  3. Improved focus and retention: Classroom-based learning encourages greater focus and discipline, as it minimises distractions and provides structure. NEBOSH courses involve hundreds of hours of learning – you can either drag that out over months online or partake in a much shorter duration of in-person learning.
  4. Proven success rates: HCS Safety recently celebrated a 100% pass rate on the NEBOSH National Diploma, showcasing the effectiveness of an in-person learning approach. If you do the work, you want to pass the exam – and you’re more likely to pass it with in-person learning.
  5. State-of-the-art classrooms: HCS Safety’s purpose-built facility in Southampton offers state-of-the-art classrooms and facilities, ideal for learning the practical aspects of NEBOSH courses.

In-person NEBOSH courses at HCS Safety

HCS offers a range of classroom-taught NEBOSH courses, including:

  1. The NEBOSH National General Certificate
  2. The NEBOSH Health & Safety Management for Construction Certificate
  3. The NEBOSH National Diploma
  4. The NEBOSH HSE Certificate in Managing Stress at Work

In-person classroom learning ensures you can complete the course over days and weeks, not months, like an online NEBOSH course. By the end, you should be qualified to progress with your career.

Summary: online NEBOSH courses

While online learning may seem convenient, the benefits of attending a NEBOSH course in person far outweigh the advantages of virtual courses.

At HCS Safety, we believe that the classroom environment, combined with our state-of-the-art facilities, experienced tutors, and practical assignments, is crucial for students to succeed in their NEBOSH course.

By choosing to study with HCS Safety, you are investing in a proven and effective learning experience that will enhance your skills and career opportunities in the field of health and safety.

Find out more about HCS Safety’s NEBOSH courses here.